Wooden Watches: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

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wooden watches - buyer's guide

Wooden watches are stylish, yet practical. 

They are lightweight, breathable, and ideal for people who are allergic or sensitive to metals.

Many people also like wearing watches made with sustainably grown wood or bamboo.

However, some wooden watches will disappoint their buyers. As this review shows, some of these watches break easily or lack water resistance. Others fail to keep accurate time.

If you’re buying a wooden watch, you’ll want a brand with a reputation for quality wooden watches.

Watch out for cheap knock-offs!

Wooden Watches: What To Look For

Wide Variety of Wooden Watch Styles

A good brand dedicated to wooden watches offers a large selection of watches with many face styles.

Unreliable sellers often have only five or six styles available.

A Staff that Knows Watches

The staff should know how to adjust the watch band.

Don’t believe sellers who tell you the band can’t be adjusted, or that it was made to wear loosely.

Wooden watch sellers should also know which company made the movement (the clockwork) for the watch, and it should also be a reliable company.

A Professional Company Website

Unreliable companies often have no website so dissatisfied customers can’t complain.

Good watch companies have professional-looking websites showcasing their many watch designs.

A website should also have a way to contact the company in case there’s a problem with your watch.

Good Watch Instructions

Ask to see the instructions pamphlet before buying.

A wooden watch should come with an instructions pamphlet in English that contains the care tips unique to wooden watches.

Or, at the very least the company should provide you with advice on how to care for wooden watches.

The Seller is Established in the Watch Industry

The brand should have been around for several years, if not longer.

Look for one likely to stay around to service or repair your watch if needed.

Don’t buy watches from mall kiosks or other places that might be gone soon.

Signs of Quality Wooden Watches

Made of Real Wood

Beware of steel watches with a veneer of wood glued on.

Some watches have wooden faces and bands of other materials. That’s fine, but be sure the wooden parts are really wood.

Accurate timekeeping

Some wooden watches do not keep time well.

Be sure to buy a watch with good clockwork, or at least check reviews.

Since time doesn’t grow on trees, you don’t want to lose any to an inaccurate wooden watch.

Water Resistance

While wooden watches aren’t made for immersion, it truly limits a watch’s usability if you can’t risk a splash of water.

Be sure to check within a product description whether or not the watch is water resistant.


Wooden watches aren’t sport watches, but you’ll want one that’s reasonably durable. 

However, some wooden watches break easily or are easily scratched. The pins of some wooden watches are prone to coming out.

The pins of some wooden watches are prone to coming out. Again, it all comes down to picking a reliable watch maker or distributor.


You want a wooden watch that’s stylish, not one that’s clunky and unattractive.

Unreliable companies tend to produce ugly watches.

Shopping for wooden watches can seem daunting with so many choices and so many low-quality ones available.

However, with the right knowledge, you can buy a cool wooden timepiece you will enjoy for many years.

Start adding wooden watches to your collection today.

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