The Benefits of Bamboo Watches: A Love Story

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bamboo watches
For most people, bamboo conjures images of cute giant pandas peacefully chewing through bamboo leaves.
For others, its exotic Asian cuisine that uses bamboo shoots in the recipes. Yet for others especially in developing countries, bamboo is used as fuel. 
My neighbor Terry uses bamboo sticks to chase away critters. But that's another story.
Simply put, bamboo is a versatile plant with many uses.

Bamboo: A Love Story

Did you know that bamboo belongs to the grass family? Bet you didn’t know that.
It’s a giant form of common grass with an extensive root system. Bamboos also happen to be among the fastest growing plants on earth.
You can literally watch a bamboo shoot grow to as long as four feet in a day! Well you could watch bamboo grow, but that would be weird. Don't be that person.
If that wasn’t surprising enough, bamboo requires very little water to grow and they are pest and disease resistant making them a sustainable source of raw materials.
If plants were superheroes, bamboo would clearly be Batman. And, lemon grass would be Robin.
Due to all their finer qualities, bamboos are used to make a variety of items. These include baskets, bicycles, clothes, and accessories.
Today we are going to explore the benefits of bamboo watches.

Bamboo Watches: Lightweight and Durable

Unlike steel watches that can weigh as much as half a pound, bamboo watches are lightweight and easy on the wrist.
Most bamboo species are hollow in nature and thus light when split and shaped.
Bamboo watches maintain their shape and feel over time. It’s also easy and cheap to replace broken parts since bamboo is so abundant.

Bamboo Watches: Unique and Stylish

Most bamboo watches are handcrafted. You get an intricate design that’s difficult to replicate.
This is not so with other watch materials such as plastic that are mass produced.
With a bamboo watch, you can get a detailed, custom-made design that fits your personality and style.
Consider the Nicolai Likness, which features natural variations in the wood grain, meaning that no one watch will look the same.
bamboo watch - Nicolai Likness

Bamboo Watches: Eco-friendly and Economical

Bamboo grows fast with minimal water consumption. It also doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizer making it very eco-friendly.
By wearing a bamboo watch you are doing your part in keeping climate change in check and mother earth thanks you for your service. So does Al Gore.
Image result for funny al gore
The abundance of bamboo makes it an economical and eco-friendly material to craft watches from.
Keep time and leave future generations a better earth!

Bamboo Watches: Go with any Outfit

A bamboo watch is one accessory that can go with any outfit you pick from your closet.
It’s appropriate for all occasions; that official office party, happy hour, or just casual relaxing by the pool.
It’ll complement your style and add flair to your attire, not to mention, it’s an awesome conversation starter!
Just like the Ennio Amatuci, which according to the Thunder Liger Fashion Director, will make you feel like a cowboy kicking down doors, but without the vandalism.
bamboo watch - ennio amatucci

Bamboo Watches: Gets Beautiful with Age

Like most things in nature that get better with age, a bamboo watch will transform into a beautiful piece the more you wear it.
The wood grains in the bamboo absorb and react with your skin oils, giving it a rich, dark color and texture.
It becomes one with you. It also makes an awesome gift for your children and loved ones.
A beautiful reminder of the good times you spent together.

Bamboo Watches: A Summary

Can you tell we are fans of bamboo watches here at Thunder Liger? They are a close second to jalapeno cheesies and pizza.
We all want to keep time; your doctor’s appointment, your kid's playoff game, that charity event. A bamboo watch will help you do just that and keep mother earth cooler and livable for future generations.
You get to keep time in a unique and stylish way that also helps out the environment and doesn't cost an entire paycheck.
Get yourself a bamboo watch today.

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