Luxury Watch Brands That You Might Not Know About

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luxury watch brands you may not have heard of

Ever worry that you can’t pull off the look of a “luxury” watch?

That’s nonsense. You don’t have to be a corporate bigwig or sports celeb to wear a luxury watch.

What is luxury anyway?

The traditional definition is “the state of great comfort and extravagant living,” but we think that luxury is much more than “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” (you get extra points if you know what that means).

Luxury is quality, unique, and often is a brand you can get behind.

Although Rolex and other big names make some pretty sweet timepieces, here are some luxury watch brands that you might not know about, but you should.

You should probably treat yourself to one, too. There’s no such thing as too many luxury watches.

Shoes? Yes.

Watches? No way.


Luxury Watches: Thunder Liger

One luxury watch brand that you should get to know pretty well is Thunder Liger. First of all, we failed to mention that luxury is “hot” and you know who’s hot? People that buy Thunder Liger watches.

The company even says so, so it must be true! They surveyed their audience, and found that 100% of their audience claims to be "hot." 

So there! 

Thunder Liger watches are made of bamboo and wood, which is sustainable (sustainability is also hot) and the price tag is well below to comparable watches.

With collections with names like “Noir” who will argue that Thunder Liger watches aren’t luxurious?



Luxury Watches: Vacheron Constantin 

The Swiss are known for many delicious things like cheese and chocolate, but there may be something pretty special in the air because they also make a lot of luxury watches.

What do Napoleon Bonaparte, President Harry Truman, and the Pope have in common?

They all wore a Vacheron Constantin watch, one of the oldest watchmakers in Switzerland.

Can we guarantee that it will make you powerful and well-known?

No, but we can promise that you’ll look you should be in charge when you wear one of their traditional styles.


Panerai Luxury

Just because you appreciate luxury doesn’t mean that you have to be or want to be “showy.”

Some luxury timepieces become more of an eyesore than an attraction due to outlandish and “dated” designs.

A cool thing about these Italian watches is that even though Panerai was founded back in 1860, they have simple designs and features.

High-quality leather bands and a simple numeral face? You can’t get more simple and classy.


Luxury Watches: Blancpain

You’ve probably heard of Swatch watches. Remember the bright colored, plastic watches with funky designs?

Who didn’t have one as a kid?

Blancpain is owned by Swatch Group Ltd and was founded by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain.

Where other watch companies go for quantity over quality, this one is reported to only crank out about thirty a day.

Another cool thing about these Swiss made watches? They also claim to be one of the thinnest watches available.

Talk about luxury, huh?


Luxury Watches: Braun

Braun. You know this name, don’t you? Can’t place your finger on how you know the brand name?

Head to your bathroom and look at your grooming equipment. Braun has helped men and women look good and luxurious from the privacy of their home bathrooms.

Braun makes a no-nonsense watch that does only one thing: tells time.

Can’t argue with a watch that does what it’s supposed to do. Not sure about a grooming product company making watches?

What’s almost more important that being able to tell time? Good hair.

Luxury watches may be more important (and more impressive) than an expensive car, a well-stocked liquor cabinet, or a personal chef.

You always need to know the time, and you may as well look good (and hot) checking it out.

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