The Ultimate Guide to Caring For Your Bamboo Watch

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Like most fashion accessories, caring for your bamboo watche requires some amount of effort to ensure they look their best and last for years.
You don't want to have to resort to this because you didn't care for your bamboo watch:
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Luckily, because bamboo is such a resilient and hardy material, there’s very little you need to do.
Here’s a few tips and tricks you can use in caring and maintaining your watch.

Caring for Your Watch: Bamboo

Bamboo is an extremely durable material and your watch shouldn’t be affected by the natural elements under normal uses.
If you’re unsure when you should take your watch off to avoid damaging it, use the phone test : would you expose your brand new smartphone to these elements or situations? If the answer is no, then take your watch off.

Caring for Your Watch: Leather Band

The bands on Thunder Liger watches are made from genuine leather. While this is a durable material, you still need to care for it to avoid it drying out.
Don’t worry, most users don’t ever need to treat the leather band during the life of a watch.
But, if you spend a lot of time in the sunlight or expose the leather to harsh conditions (dryness, dust, water, abrasion), you might want to pay attention to the band after 2-3 years to make sure everything is in top condition.
If you ever notice your band starts to look at bit dry or gets stiff, a quick rub of beeswax will do the trick. If you’re like most people and don’t have beeswax on hand, you can use a small dab of neutral leather conditioner for boots, couches or jackets.
Minx oil also works but will change the look of the band if you put too much on.
Like all products applied to organic materials, always start with a ridiculously small amount of product and work your way up. Make sure you treat the areas which rub against the metal as they are exposed to larger amounts of bending and flexing.

Caring for Your Watch: Water

The bamboo watches sold by TL Imports are water-resistant. That means that if you get caught in the rain, keep it on while you wash dishes or get tackled into a pool during a bachelor(ette) party, the watch will survive.
thrown into a pool
Like any watch you care for, don’t take the watch in for your daily shower or go swimming with it on a regular basis.
If you happen to get your watch wet regularly, pay close attention to the leather band as wetting and drying leather on a regular basis requires special care.
Take care of your bamboo watch and it will take care of you. Ensure that the life of your watch is extended as long as possible.

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