The Best Watch Brands You've Never Heard of

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There are plenty of watch owners and collectors that crave the perceived status that comes from getting a certain brand.

Be it Tag Heuer, Rolex, or Cartier, plenty of name brands will always be desired simply because of the notoriety and history of the company. 

However, there are numerous examples of excellent timepieces that are far less likely to be found in high-end watch or jewelry stores that are still among the best watch brands.

This is what we want to discuss today - the best watch brands you've never heard of.

Best Watch Brands: Alessandro Baldieri

Having only sold watches since 2006, it is understandable why aficionados may have never heard of this brand

The premier line is the quirkily named "Seamonster" collection. Created by a celebrity interior designer, Alessandro Baldieri has hit upon what might be described as a "neo-rugged" take on the traditional diving watch.

While the 200-meter water resistance and a price of $1000 may cause high-end shoppers to immediately scoff, the reviews and popularity of these watches are growing.

Those with limited budgets looking to get one of the best watch brands at a bit more down-to-earth price should definitely consider an Alessandro Baldieri.

Best Watch Brands: RSW

Few watch lovers would immediately think of this brand if asked to name some of the best watch brands from Switzerland.

But RSW pieces are unparalleled.

While the company has been making watches since 1914, the brand was relaunched in 1983 as RSW, which stands for Rama Swiss Watch.

While their current collections are fairly traditional, RSW has been known for a strong leaning toward the futuristic in their watch designs.

Their Quartz and Moonphase models definitely push the limits stylistically, blurring the line between timepiece and work of art.

Best Watch Brands: Thunder Liger 

Although a new player in the timepiece industry, Thunder Liger is quickly becoming one of the most innovative.

As the premier bamboo watch store, Thunder Liger offers an array of beautifully crafted bamboo watches at prices as low as $29.

Consider the best-selling Huntington model, with a handcrafted bamboo frame and wrist band. This unique and lightweight design is flying off the shelves for good reason.

best watches you've never heard of

Best Watch Brands: Urwerk

Watch mavens who crave the standard two arms rotating around the clock face may have never heard of Urwerk.

But that hasn't stopped the company from becoming one of the best watch brands in the world.

Having only manufactured their watches since 1997, Urwerk has risen quickly in the timepiece world by focusing on craftsmanship, originality, and beauty.

 A prime example is the UR-110, which allocates the left side of the watch for displaying the time via an arrow with a number on it.

The number on the arrow designates the hour, while the arrow itself points to a mild arc with the numbers zero through sixty to show the minutes.

The watch also features a day/night indicator, as well as an "oil change" gauge that alerts owners when the watch needs service.

Best Watch Brands: Christophe Claret

Almost all of the best watch brands that eschew an LED display have one thing in common: A mechanical connection to moving time indicators.

However, the X-TREM-1 by Christophe Claret pulls off technological wizardry by using magnetic fields to move two balls housed in cylinders at the sides of the watch to indicate hours and minutes.

Other unique pieces include casino-inspired watches that let wearers play poker, blackjack, and baccarat against the watch.

The watch actually deals cards that can viewed on the clock face, while the cards that the watch owns are hidden by blinds.

Clever details like these have propelled this relative newcomer to the watch world to best watch brand status.

Best Watch Brands: Final Thoughts

Not all of the best watch brands are over 100 years old and based in Switzerland.

There are plenty of high quality, innovative, and sought-after brands such as those mentioned above that can be found with a little searching and a commitment not to settle for the ordinary.

Check them out today, and add your next timeless timepiece to your collection.

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