10 Reasons Why You'll Look Badass Wearing a Wooden Watch

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Wearing a Wooden Watch

Steve McQueen, James Bond, Christopher Walken, Jay Z. You know what all these stylish men have in common?

They wear watches, and you know who wears a watch?


So, all these stylish dudes are also badass.

You follow?

It’s kind of like an algebra question. X=Y and so on.

For a long time, now, there have been debates about what makes a badass (we could go on for days).

Merriam-Webster defines badass as someone who is ready to cause trouble. Another from Urban Dictionary states that a badass doesn’t try to be a badass, stays true to themselves, and doesn’t try to impress others.

You don't choose the badass lifestyle, it chooses you.

You get the idea, right?

A badass can’t be defined, and that’s cool. So, on to reasons why you should wear a wooden watch to improve your chances of badassery.


1. Perfect Accessory to a Cool Leather Jacket

Every badass needs a high-quality leather jacket (or an alternative if you want to be animal-friendly).

A leather jacket is like the body armor of cool. If you take a tumble, it protects you, even though scars make for a good story.

Wooden watches are the perfect accessory to a leather jacket or even a tweed blazer for that matter.

Wood and leather, how much more classic can you get?

Whether you need to pick up a date on your motorcycle or catch the next train out of Dodge because of the fuzz, you’ll always know the time.


2. Wooden Watches Make a Statement

While a true badass doesn’t spend much time putting together the perfect wardrobe, every badass needs a few statement pieces.

Boots? Check.

An indestructible pair of shades? Check.

A pair of jeans that look like they were made just for you? Check.

A wooden watch? Get one, now.

Add all of these into the badass mix, and the world would freeze over from coolness.

It's true, it's science, look it up.


3. Wooden Watches are Sustainable

If you buy the right kind of wooden watch, one that’s made with sustainable wood like maple, bamboo, or Koa, you are one sustainable badass.

Practicing sustainability shows you care and no one said that a badass couldn’t be nice.


4. Men and Women Can Wear Wooden Watches

You know what’s badass? Not letting gender define who you are or what you wear.

Unlike other watches on the market, wooden watches are unisex.

Even badass women who wear red lipstick need to know the time, right? 

Yes, you read that right. Women can be badass, too. Remember, there are no rules.

Remember, there are no rules to being badass.


5. Wooden Watches are Affordable

A high-quality wooden watch is usually less than $50, which is way more affordable than a regular old non-statement, non-sustainable watch.

Use the money you save for something more badass like flying lessons, buying a motorcycle, saving the world, you know, things like that.


6. Durability

A good wooden watch is durable.

Badasses don’t want to buy a new watch every couple of months nor do they have the time.

Durability is not only practical, but also cool.


7. Wood Watches Have Cool Name

Most motorcycles, cars, and boats have a name so why not a watch?

Check out some of the names that Thunder Liger gives its wooden watches:

Wooden Watches - the Huntington

The Huntington


Amatucci Wooden Watch

Gormsson Wooden Watch

The Gormsson

Nanscheth Wooden Watch

The Nanscheth

Cool, right?


8. Wood Watches are Safe for Sensitive Skin

Have a sensitivity to metal? Hey, you can’t help it, and even badasses have flaws, but a nasty looking skin rash isn’t badass.

Do yourself a favor and buy a wooden watch that won’t make you break out.


9. Someone May Mistake You for a Celebrity

An authentic badass shouldn’t need any validation on your looks, but it never hurts to hear, “You remind me so much of that one guy from that one movie!

Just smile, nod, and keep walking, it will keep them guessing which celebrity you are and wishing they would have asked for an autograph.

I get that all the time, people think I'm Rob Schneider from Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalow.

OK, not very badass.


10. You Deserve Nice Things

As a badass, you may be spending your life doing good things for other people, but you know what?

You deserve a few nice things, too.

One of those things should be a wooden watch.

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