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To Detoxify Your Body

SB is a power weight loss product that works by destroying harmful parasites and substances within human body! As it is known, the human body is filled with billions of bacteria that influence your daily digestion and health. Bad bacteria occur due to the improper diet or eating too much junk food. All this slows down your metabolism and interferes with the work of your digestive tract. These bacteria are harmful for your body and health, energy levels and your mood.

SB promises to fight these side effects, to detoxify your body with the help of 14 different essential microbes. This is a probiotic supplement that also claims to boost your energy levels and help you lose weight. The product is said not to cause any unwanted side effects. The manufacturer of the supplement is not very reputable, even though it has its own official website. The latter is not informative enough in terms of the description of the product's ingredients and possible side effects.

SB is said to contain 16 different strains of probiotics which are meant to fight toxins which can be harmful for your body. These are strain of "good" bacteria that are promised to detox the human body. This also helps to improve metabolism and to burn fat. SB works by balancing bad and good bacteria in the intestines. This product promises to reduce the number of bad bacteria in the body. The latter can be the reason of numerous infections, health complications and other potential dangers. When there is lack of good bacteria in your body, you may start experiencing many unpleasant health issues. SB claims to reduce the risk of these problems.

Probiotics are considered to have a number of advantages. These bacteria are available in two main groups. The first one is Lactobacillus which can be found in SB. They are naturally contained in fermented foods and yogurt and help to digest lactose. Lactobacillus can be used to treat diarrhea. Another group of probiotics is Bifidobacterium. These bacteria can be also found in dairy products. Bifidobacterium are used for the treatment of people with irritable bowel syndrome.

SB also contains Regularis, a Blend of Natural Herbal fixings, Patented Probiotic Strains, and Digestive Enzymes. These substances are meant to improve the general digestive wellbeing. B vitamins can be also found in the product. They are responsible for giving energy to the body. Lactobacillus and other probiotics are used for the treatment of different health conditions, even though there is lack of scientific evidence. Probiotics are known for anti-toxin properties, can treat gut infection and lactose intolerance, decrease hypersensitivities, skin inflammation and cholesterol levels.

SB also claims to contain Digestive Enzyme Blend that is said to make your tummy smaller, renew your body, return your vitality, make you lighter, decrease your bloating and energize you. Today, Probiotics can be found in drinks, foods and supplements. But do you really need to take these supplements if you can get probiotics from your regular diet? Let's try to answer this question by looking at its possible side effects and the way the main components in the product work.

The manufacturer of SB does not mention any possible side effects and adverse reactions associated with the use of the supplement. It means that the product may cause a number of potential risks for the human body. In general, probiotic supplements are considered to be safe for most adults. But people with immune system problems and serious health conditions may face certain dangers. You may experience certain mild side effects including gas, diarrhea, upset stomach, and bloating, especially for the first several days. You may also face allergic reactions. Inform your doctor immediately if you have any problems. The doctor may recommend you stopping to take the product. Let us have a look at several real users' reviews online.

"This product is a real fraud. I ordered SB a month ago and they charged my credit card three times since then. Then they wanted to charge me again but I managed to cancel the enrollment program. Now I feel free from this burden."

"SB is a scam. I ordered this product for $4.99 through a free trial offer, but they charged me $8.99. I saw that the supplement was completely ineffective for me, so I decided to cancel this program I experienced much trouble in this issue."

"Well, I am completely unsatisfied with SB because it caused me severe bloating and diarrhea. I have just cancelled the enrollment program and I am going to check my bank account. I will catch them if they continue charging me."

In general, one bottle of SB costs $67 for a 30-day supply; however, currently it is available much cheaper on the official website. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee, but it seems to be a scam, as none of the customers is telling successful stories about getting their money back.

SB is not the best probiotic supplement that can demonstrate effectiveness against major digestive disorders. Besides, it often causes allergic reactions and side effects. There is much concern about the free trial offer. Many people find it difficult to cancel the program. Their credit card is being charged for a few months until they manage to cancel the enrollment. At the same time, it is cheap, but there is no sense of spending money on an ineffective product. It is better to look for a more effective remedy for your digestion and immunity.