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Risky Weight Loss Pills

Phl is manufactured by the company called Pharmaxa Labs that has an official website. Unfortunately, the website is not very informative as it contains no information about the product's side effects and doesn't describe how the product works exactly. It is only said to be a natural fat burning product. The manufacturer of this supplement claims that most of its ingredients are natural and are extracted from herbs. For that matter, Pharmaxa Labs believes that the formula can help obese people to get slimmer and healthier but whether it is really so, we will know a bit later.

Phl is not just a diet pill that brings immediate results but it needs to be combined with a definite diet regimen and exercises. In fact, this information is added into the product set. When I encounter similar products, I always wonder - why do I need to buy expensive and risky weight loss pills if I can stick to a diet and workout regularly? It's ridiculous, isn't it? Phl entered the US market in 2009. The manufacturer isn't well-known or reputable.

Pharmaxa Labs has mixed more than twenty ingredients in Phl which seems to be strange if they are really effective. Some of the components are patented while most of them are not. The company reveals amounts of the ingredients used in the supplement. Thus, a 2,230mg proprietary blend contains the ingredients we are going to discuss next.

Green Tea Leaf is rick in antioxidants which are generally useful for human health and boost energy levels. But this ingredient has nothing to do with weight loss. L-Tyrosine helps to slightly suppress appetite and to improve thyroid function and metabolism. Glucomannan is a water-soluble fibre that has an ability to swell in size in combination with water. When this mass gets into your stomach you are expected to feel fuller. There is no strong evidence proving weight loss results when taking fibre but it is a well-known fact that consumption of Glucomannan may cause bloating and constipation.

Cocoa Extract can be found in chocolate and cocoa products. It is beneficial for our health due to its antioxidant content. This component helps to decrease cholesterol levels and blood pressure, to reverse blood vessel damage and to protect you from heart disease. It is not associated with fat burning or weight loss, however. Hoodia Gordonii is able to suppress your appetite and food cravings. There are numerous debates in terms of its authenticity and purity. Hoodia Gordonii is not available for people from the EU/UK because of the Herbal Regulations restriction to sell this ingredient.

Garcinia Cambogia extract is known as Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which has been claimed to possess appetite suppressing properties and to promote fat burning. However, the latest clinical studies have put these claims under doubt, unless you will use extremely high doses of this substance. Yerba Mate has been used as an addition to beverages due to its content of caffeine that is known to improve fat metabolism. It has to be mentioned that this effect is too miserable.

Coleus Forskohlii (aka Forskolin) is another Phl ingredient that contains forskolin, substance that has been used for relaxing muscles, cellular functions, and increasing thyroid function. However, more clinical studies are required to prove these claims. Evodiamine is able to increase the temperature of the body boosting metabolism and fat burning. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is high in antioxidants and probably that is all it suggests. Fucoxanthin is an antioxidant too.

L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that transforms into 5-HTP (5-hyrdoxytryptophan) and into Serotonin, a hormone which is important for feeling happy and satisfied. Chromium (Picolinate) (100mcg) is nowadays used in many weight loss products but it has been discredited by National Institute of Health (NIH). 24 studies have demonstrated no significant impact on the human body.

Bioperine helps to increase the absorption of nutrients. Additional Phl ingredients include Biotin, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin D3. According to our research, most of the product's ingredients are not backed by clinical studies for effectiveness. The supplement simply doesn't work.

The manufacturer doesn't mention any side effects of Phl but I can say that it is not a 100% natural product and most of its ingredients are ineffective. The supplement cannot solve the problem of obesity on its own. One needs to follow a strict diet and exercise regularly. The official website of Phl doesn't give the full ingredient amounts in the proprietary blend. So, you never know what to expect from this product. There are no strong stimulants in this product.

The official website offers a great number of positive testimonials about Phl from US consumers but they seem to be fake. There is no indication that these testimonials were made by real users of the supplement. There are also no before and after photographs which could support them. On the internet you can find a long list of complaints from true users of Phl. One dieter said that she had been taking the supplement for two weeks and experienced no change in appetite or energy levels. Another customer confessed that the product made him very tired and weak. To my mind, if Phl causes a high number of user complaints, it is the sign that it's not good.

"Phl is waste of money. It doesn't work even though I exercised and ate proper food. I also didn't feel any energy increase or reduction of my appetite"

"The guaranteed refund is a lie. I didn't receive myb money back for three bottles of phl"

"Phl is too expensive for nothing... Don't waste your money!"

The product is available on Walmart, Amazon, GNC but I would recommend buying it from the official website only. One bottle of the supplement contains 150 capsules and costs $40.

Phl is not a high-quality product and cannot take proper care of your health due to the number of disadvantages. Ingredient content of the supplement is not fully disclosed on the official website. There is no reliable clinical data supporting the effectiveness of its ingredients. There is lack of customers' testimonials. The only advantage of the product is its reasonable price.

So, should you use Phl? Not all of its ingredients are natural as claimed on the official website. I am concerned about the numerous user complaints concerning supplement ingredients of Phl and its quality. If you would like to drop some weight, look for another diet product that has enough clinical data supporting its effectiveness without side effects.