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Ingredients To Improve Muscle Work

FT is a food supplement which offers its users 30 % more muscle mass in about one month or even less. Neither FT nor its inventor seems to be particularly well-known. The aim of the product is to help guys look more attractive and as a bonus the manufacturer claims that this product is able to reduce fatigue by 30 % and increase your athletic performance by 40 % or even more. At the same time it is meant to improve your overall strength. We often hear the same claims from different producers of such supplements promising you 2 in 1: health and muscle mass. But can we trust the photos of strong attractive men who lift heavy bars on the official website page? Is this supplement really as powerful as it has been claimed? This review is going to answer this question.

According to the manufacturer of FT, the supplement includes only natural ingredients to improve muscle work. Unfortunately, the official website doesn't provide us with the full list of ingredients. This fact prevents users from having the possibility to make sure that they are taking pure ingredients and herbs. According to the manufacturer of FT, this product doesn't have any side effects for the users. Let's check if it is true at least concerning those ingredients that are written on the package. The only thing that is known for sure that it uses supplements which are able to boost your testosterone level.

The producer claims that only ingredients of the highest quality have been used to boost men's testosterone level. The problem is that the only one ingredient that was mentioned is LJ100 or the full name which is Eurycoma Longifolia.

Eurycoma Longifolia - a shrub native of Indonesia and Malaysia which roots are used as an men's aphrodisiac. Unfortunately, there is a limited research in humans concerning this herb's effects. Much research on Eurycoma longifolia has been conducted in animal studies: a dose of about one half of a gram of this herb per kilogram of mouse body weight caused increased liver, kidney and testicle weight leading to its death. Higher doses caused convulsions, shallow breathing and depression as well as sudden death. If it has so bad effects on animals can we expect good contribution to our health using it? In spite of promising results there is a lack of information which can prove its capacity to boost the level of your testosterone. As a result, humans are not recommended to take more than 1 gram of this herb per day. No other ingredients or dosages have been mentioned at the official website. Here the question arises if FT really works as it was claimed.

Ingredients always play a very significant role of a base in every product. Here we are not aware of the complete list what makes difficult to claim whether it is effective or not. Hidden ingredients can be enough to have doubts whether it is worth taking risks purchasing it or it is better to choose some other product which manufacturer reveals the principle of work of his supplement without hiding any information. It hasn't been affiliated with FDA that is also can be considered its disadvantage. I highly recommend consulting your doctor even if you risk taking it.

"I have seen this new product FT on the market and decided to try it because I liked the advertising on the website but after buying it I was completely disappointed with the absence of its results claimed by the manufacturer. I felt neither any strength and energy nor muscle mass increase!"

"After buying FT several times I decided that it isn't worth so much money to pay for the testosterone booster with unknown ingredients that were used there. It seemed like buying cat in the bag when you take something without knowing what exactly and the price for that unknown thing was unreasonable"

"My friend recommended FT after watching their ad because I dreamt about large muscle mass. Maybe I used it for a short period of time but I didn't enjoy any visible results. On the other hand it really worked like boosting libido for the first week, though the effect wasn't a long-term one. I can't recommend it as a really efficient product"

Those who want to risk trying FT can order it at the official website. Though it is not initially clear enough how much the product will cost, that's why you shouldn't hurry to sign up for its trial. You are offered a risk free trial but does it mean that it costs nothing? Actually, there is a shipping charge of $4.95 just for your signing up. It is definitely a drawback that FT is an auto-ship program. The customers of FT will also see that two weeks after your signing up your account will be charged a sum of $79.95, with further monthly payments to be made.

I find it impossible to recommend FT in spite of its claimed advantages because of a lack of ingredient information. Its price is also high that is not a benefit for the user who can't be sure of the effectiveness of the product he takes. It is better to choose a supplement offered by some reputable company which contains ingredients that have been scientifically tested and which benefits come along with the affordable price as well as providing fast and effective results. Unfortunately, this can't be said about this supplement.